Hiring the perfect fit for your Company

Hiring the perfect fit for your Company

In ManPower we care about your Company for the same reason we hire the perfect fit for your company, we look for the best fit for your company that can fulfill all your projects needs.We have been helping Companies to get their request.

Always Looking for the best Employees for your Company

Always Looking for the best Employees for your Company

Manpower is a Staffing Company that is dedicated in find the best employees with the qualifications that the employer is requiring.Our goal is to join the employee and the employer, we work hard for our clients be satisfied with our service. We are the best Staffing company.

We are looking for you!

We are looking for you!

We are looking for new prospects to show, our clients are very happy with our staffing service, we are a qualified company that gives services to a lot of companies in Calgary, every person has a talent and we are here to help you find yours!

How can you be the candidate recruitment agencies Red Deer and beyond will promote first and foremost?


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Maximize the Skills Match

Ensure that the recruiting firm knows the skills and certifications you have, especially those employers are looking for. For example, educate the recruiter that your Six Sigma Black Belt or LSS (lean six sigma) certification counts as a continuous process improvement certification. Inform the recruiters of the software you know how to use, like PTC’s Windchill and Autocad, along with the explanation that it is 3D drafting software. Recruiters don’t always know how to link software applications with their purpose, and you may miss out on a position because you listed the software category but not the applications or vice versa. Conversely, it is critical that you don’t exaggerate your skill set. Don’t say you know an accounting application in and out, get called in to set up a new instance of the application and lose both the job and the recruiter’s confidence. 

Manpower Alberta is committed to expanding it’s vision of the world of work.  For more information on how to reach Manpower AB, visit ManpowerAB.com.

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Communicate Your Employment Contract Preferences

Know what you are looking for in a job so you don’t turn down the position after an interview. If you are looking for part time work or a short term contract, clearly communicate this to the recruiter so you don’t turn down a long term contract. Doing so hurts the recruiter’s image with the client and your standing with the recruiter. If you want a temporary contract with a strong likelihood of being made permanent, tell the recruiter to prioritize those job interviews and placements. Landing a job you want will improve your morale and the client’s view of the recruiter, increasing the odds the recruiter will put you top of the list when you need his or her services again.

Prevent Hiring Surprises

Come clean about issues that come up in screening. Many employers screen job candidates, including recruiting firms. Let the recruiting firm know that you take antidepressants, which can show up as a false positive for amphetamines. Let the recruiter know that you are taking antibiotics before you take the drug test, in case the quinolone antibiotics cause you to wrongly test positive for opiates. Inform recruiters before you take a drug test that you’ve taken prescription pain medication due to a recent surgery or ongoing medical condition so that you don’t lose out on the job due to a false positive on a drug test. If you have criminal convictions in your past, inform the recruiter of the conviction that may show up in a background check as well as mitigating information. Being up front about this information and explaining how you’ve moved on with your life means you may find work with them, whereas hiding the criminal record and surprising the recruiting firm or client usually means you won’t find work with either of them now or in the future.

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Manpower AB can help you start the career you’ve always wanted. 

Know How Low You Can Go

Know how low you can go and stick to your limits. If you need to earn X dollars a month to pay your bills, don’t tell the recruiter you’ll work for X minus five hundred and then agonize over how you’ll pay the bills. Your performance will suffer from the stress, and you may miss out on higher paying positions the recruiter didn’t bring up because you didn’t say you can’t take less. Giving a pay range you’ll accept risks being placed in assignments at the lower end of the range, as well as hurting your standing with recruiters if you make it through the interview and quit because you can’t afford to stay.

Key Employment Take-Aways

Keep recruitment agencies Red Deer and beyond informed of the skills you have, the issues that may interfere with a job placement and your needs so that they can find a position that is right for you.

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